Other Writing

Selected Essays & Interviews:

60603562_10156215799810906_4586657611906023424_nMy Mother Taught Me To Fear Travel. My Dog Helped Me Find My Courage” (Salon)

I Adopted a Rescue Dog–Days Later I Made a Heartbreaking Discovery” (Newsweek)

My Father Cut Me Out Of His Will. He Meant To Hurt Me–Instead, It Was a Gift” (HuffPost)

I Adopted a Pandemic Puppy, And It Almost Caused Me To Have a Breakdown” (HuffPost)

We Had a Beautiful, If Imaginary, Relationship” (New York Magazine/The Cut)

I Adopted a Dog To Feel Less Alone During COVID-19. He Ended Up Changing My Life” (HuffPost)

My Mom Never Let Me Pierce My Ears–Here’s Why I Finally Did It At 42” (Oprah Magazine)

How to Broach a Difficult Topic With Someone You’re Starting To Date” (Boston.com)

The Desperate Desire For a Real Hug” (Cognoscenti)

“The Ms. Live Q&A: Tracy Strauss Just Hasn’t Met You Yet” (Ms. Magazine)

11 Lessons Learned While Looking For Love After 40” (Huffington Post)

Against the Odds: Publishing My #MeToo Story” (The Millions)

My Best Friend Didn’t Tell Me About Her Cancer Diagnosis–Then She Died” (Glamour)

I Wanted a Therapist, Not a Matchmaker” (Ravishly)

My Mother’s Secrets” (Named #Bestof2019, NPR/Cognoscenti)

Transcending the Trauma: A Conversation with Tracy Strauss” (The Rumpus)

Cowardice in Publishing Won’t Silence My #MeToo Story” (Ms. Magazine reprint, originally appeared in Publishers Weekly)

#MeToo: Crafting Our Most Difficult True Stories” (Poets & Writers Magazine)

Writing Trauma: Notes of Transcendence” (Ploughshares, blog series)

What to Read When You’re Writing Your Truth” (The Rumpus)